brief overview

The Purpose of this blog is to share my progress in constructing a layout that “captures” as best possible the principle elements of the terminus of Grenfell. It does not intend to satisfy rivet counters, but will cover the key aspects of the location and the track layout.

Due to previous living arrangements my progress is a little in reverse. I have constructed most of the infrastructure at Grenfell ready to place on the layout, of which the best part is scratch built. Some elements I have changed, not shortcuts as they often required as much or more work, but changes based on availability of space or personal taste.

Fortunately I have been able to start contruction of the layout bench work however this will be covered later with details of the trackplan.

The next few posts will start illustrating the completed and semi completed projects.


About Adam

Currently based in southern Sydney with my wonderful wife and boy Jack. Too many interests and hobbies so in the interests of harmony am concentrating on one, mazdas and mini's to return one day!

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  1. Hi Adam.It’s great to see you making a start on your project.All the best with it ,Grenfell sounds like a good idea with plenty of operational scope for a branch line terminus.Are you going to use code 55 rail?It does make a difference.Regards Peter

    • Hi Peter
      Yes code 55 is the plan, it looks terrific on your layout and others that i have seen use it. I am moving along with the benchwork and will have it completed in the next few weeks and will post some pictures. The new scenery on burrowa looks great, what is the size of the extended module? Certainly adds a lot of depth to the photos.
      Will post some photos of some more structures that am slowly adding the final touches to at some stage this weekend the benchwork at a module a weekend.
      Have a great australia day


      • G’day Adam.The modules are 1800mm x 600mm x 3 with an extension to one of 600mm this was necessary to get a decent head shunt on the module entitled End of the line. The depth of the scenery is 740mm. The corner is curved and the frame work is difficult to explain.The deepest measurement is 1000mm on the corner module.I hope this is of some help to you.and good luck.Regards Peter

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