Thirsty anyone?

Water Tanks

Those that have seen photos of Grenfell will know that neither of the following water tanks are from Grenfell! To be honest I started on the Grenfell tank but am less inspired to finish it. Here is the details of the other two tanks completed

Tank 1 – is based on Hay, those familiar with Gundagai will also recognise the style. I may use modellers license and use it at Grenfell as I like this style of tank that much, otherwise it will be used along the line. The tank itself is from Ian Lindsay Models, whose kits still rate against modern RTR when assembled with care. I added all the internal bracing using styrene strip, the cross braces on each panel were made using the strip then tapering each end by running a razor blade across the strips. All this was done before assembly ,slow process but am happy with the finished product. The remaining braces were added after, the tank was then painted and left while the stand was completed. Below is a not so great photo, but one to emphasize the bracing and “water”.


The bracing

The stand was constructed from Northestern timber, which was stained with a mix of raven oil and metho. I really like this stain and the grain it brings up in the wood. The stand was assembled per Greg Edwards data sheets, the “column” is a modified commercially available item, with other piping scratchbuilt from brass tubing. Strip styrene was added for all stand brackets with Grandtline bolt detail. Finally the tank was weathered with some dry brushing and washes. This was really effective on tank 2 but I may go over this tank again. I will add some remnants of the red they were painted to the stand before  the tank is placed in position and still need to add the water level indicator. The cement footings were made from styrene tapered at the top.


The stand and some detail

Tank 2 followed very much the same process and was only finished recently. It will be used at the loco depot at the other end of the line which will be explained in a  later post .

The tank  is the Casula kit this time. It has a different bracing arrangement then the above tank and is based around Merivale, the upright braces are styrene with slots cut in them and wire added. These were all painted before water is poured.


The obvious difference is the stand which is the recently released Peter Boorman kit, all the piping used is from the same kit. It has some useful jigs for clumsy hands to!  I really enjoyed this kit though getting all the footings “on the ground” is not easy, fortunately with ground cover and alike the small differences won’t be noticed. It was weathered as above and I am really pleased with the way it turned out, it looks a lot better in person than the photo below. The water level indicator still needs the indicator added and the float needs adjustment (temporarily bent up for the pouring of the water). In both of the tanks the water was the 2 part epoxy which is good but really needs care taken, tank 1 has a few small bubbles and may get another pour. Tank 2 turned out very well however as the epoxy cures it spreads the bracing so be warned and keep adjusting with each pour. I have heard great things about “magic water” product and will track this down for the river/creeks on the layout.IMG_1026




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