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The best laid plans! I had all intentions to keep this up to date but I have been doing a fair bit of work over the last fews months, both from modelling perspective and particularly from my job. Things are likely to remain this way on this front with the recent news we have our second child on the way which I am stoked about.

Back to the modelling – most of my time over the last months has been completing the benchwork, of which detail will follow in another post. I have also soldered up the code 55 “frames” of all the turnouts to be used on Grenfell. I still have to add the remainder of the sleepers that aren’t PC board and will add pictures of the completed points once they are all done. I was unable to get hold of any brass rail chairs which was the most disappointing aspect of this process but may use the urethane ones on the outside of the rails at least to give the right appearance. More details of the track work will also follow.

In the meantime I have slowly being “finishing off” a few projects, of which I will post pictures of in the next couple of weeks.

To start with is paybus FP13, a few years ago another run of these were done and I grabbed one to avoid the ridiculous prices that ebay was commanding. I have added wipers, N scale jewel for the markers and ho scale for headlights, horns, added the tow rod (is that what it was used for?) at the front as well as the bus now being DCC equiped. It is quite a smooth little runner.

I have yet to finish the weathering, have completed the roof using this as a reference
am not entirely happy with it so the jury is out of it will stay this way. Have also still to add the driver and some curtains! Anyway a quick pic as to how it looks now.





About Adam

Currently based in southern Sydney with my wonderful wife and boy Jack. Too many interests and hobbies so in the interests of harmony am concentrating on one, mazdas and mini's to return one day!

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  1. G,day Adam.Progress sometimes is slow but it’s progress. .Congratulations on number 2.Regards Peter

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